Shih Tao 27 – Asian Board Game

The classic Windows board Game. Re-released from its original source code after 27 years. Now free to download and play.

What is Shih Tao?

Shih Tao is the Windows software adaptation of an old Asian board game.

Shih Tao box in the 90’s

It’s all about placing stones on the board following the rules of Shih Tao. Each stones has two characteristics, a symbol and a color. In the beginning we place six stones for you and hide the remaining stones in the pouch. Now it is your turn to fill the board according to the rules of Shih Tao.


You can play alone against the high score. Or better challenge your family and friends by let them try to do better on your saved game. Play just for fun or go for the expert mode, it’s totally up to you how hard Shih Tao is.

Shih Tao comes with three different board sizes plus three different difficulty levels of rules. Does not sound much? Go for it and we talk further. To make it not too hard Shih Tao comes with optional helpers, like showing possible oves, showing the next stone, showing the pouch, shuffling the pouch, and unlimited undo and redo.

The Shih Tao Story 1991 – 2018

Shih Tao box backside in the 90’s

Shih Tao was developed in 1991 by Markus Kreisel and Renate Reinartz. In 2018, 27 years later, we recovered the sources and found they still compile fine under Windows 10. The look like a 1991 application – but the fun of the game is the same as in the good old times. So we, monks37 (website in german language), decided to make Shih Tao 27 available again. Free to download and play. We hope you enjoy and have fun!

P.S. Don’t miss to try the old midi-soundfiles. That’s pure 90’s computer sound at its best.